The Birthday Party & The Room

The Birthday Party & The Room

ISBN: 0802151140

ISBN 13: 9780802151148

Publication Date: January 20, 1994

Publisher: Grove Press

Pages: 120

Format: Paperback

Author: Harold Pinter

3.90 of 871

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In The Birthday Party, a musician who escapes to a dilapidated boarding house, where he falls victim to the shadowy, ritualized violence of two men who have followed him from his sinister past.In The Room, a derelict boarding house again becomes the scene of a visitation from the past when a blind man suddenly arrives to deliver a mysterious message.
Both plays are invested with the elements that make Pinter's work unique: the disturbing familiarity of the dialogue, the subtle characterization, and the abrupt mood and power shifts among the characters, which can be by turns terrifying, moving, and wildly funny.

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