Shrapnel: Hubris

Shrapnel: Hubris

ISBN: 1935417371

ISBN 13: 9781935417378

Publication Date: November 30, 2010

Publisher: Radical Publishing

Pages: 180

Format: Paperback

Authors: Nick Sagan, Mark Long, Concept Art House

3.33 of 9

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The last free colony in the Solar System has yet to fall, but how long can it withstand the siege?  Under constant barrage from orbit, and kept from replenishing much-needed supplies by a planetary blockade, the colonists of Venus find themselves in desperate circumstances.  But unwilling to let their stand be in vain, the surprise hero of the war--notorious ex-marine Vijaya "Sam" Narayan--must reverse their fortunes before time runs out on man's last hope of resisting tyranny!

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