Authors: Frank Conniff, Len Peralta

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A chronicle of the historic lawsuit brought against Frank Conniff by his cats, Millie & Barney.

The Defendant: Frank Conniff.

Comedian, writer, gout sufferer, and prolific tweeter, who understood that his incendiary social media posts might one day lead to calls for his head, but never suspected that the calls would be coming from inside his house.

The Plaintiffs: Millie & Barney.

Indoor cats. Eaters, sleepers, poopers, bladder emptiers. Frequent subjects of Conniff’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram timelines, until they finally decided that enough was enough and fought back against what they perceived as rank exploitation by the guy they had always assumed was working for them.

The result was a bombshell Defamation of Character law suit, the repercussions of which were still being felt minutes after the trial ended.

Now every sensational detail of the legal cage match that shocked the world can now be told. This volume contains the whole scandalous story of a precedent-setting judicial conflict that makes the O.J. Simpson trial look like a mere double murder.

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