Behind Dark Doors (three): Six Suspenseful Short Stories

Behind Dark Doors (three): Six Suspenseful Short Stories

Publication Date: December 11, 2015

Pages: 135

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: Susan May

4.06 of 50

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These thrilling short stories will delight fans of Twilight Zone and Outer Limits and lovers of genius twists you won't see coming.

By the author readers are calling the next Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl) and the female Stephen King.

Praise for Susan May's storytelling:
"Compelling off the first page. You can feel the pulse!" Caroline Kepnes, Best Selling author of 'YOU'
"From the very first chapter you know you're in the hands of a real writer." Sarah Kernochan, best selling author of 'Jane Was Here' & Academy Award Winning Screenwriter

Be entertained by the third volume of Behind Dark Doors: Six short stories of suspense, horror, and supernatural from award winning author Susan May. Partake of these exciting story morsels. They promise to thrill with their clever twists and wicked irony.

On a rainy night, Crystal's husband disappears while fetching their car. She waits outside the theater they've just left, wondering why he's taking so long. Should she go in search of him or will they pass and miss each other on the way? Her mind races with the terrible possibilities that may have befallen him. The truth is far more terrible than she can imagine.

Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, is desperate. It's January 13, 1887, and today is the day the patent for the telegraphic transmitter will be granted. Bell is racked with guilt. If not for a mysterious phone call from more than a hundred years in the future, he would have nothing to patent. Instead, Elisha Gray's name would have gone down in history. Where did the mysterious phone call originate? Can Bell live with the choice he makes? Take a trip through a time-twisted history.

Once we hit the Desson Tipping Point, there was no return for the world. The carbon dioxide-oxygen balance had been destroyed. The only hope for mankind now was to create Oxygen Conversion plants to support key cities. All seemed doomed, until they came. With them, came hope. They had come to save the world. So we thought. Now, because of them, Keriss must face a heart-breaking decision. Either way, she loses the most precious thing in her world.

American tourist and blogger R.P. Kraul is on the trip of a lifetime in the Australian outback. These Australians seem very cavalier about the dangers posed by the native wildlife. So R.P. has come prepared for any thing: man-eating sharks to poisonous spiders, he's ready. Perhaps, he needed a little more preparation.

The Intelervate Chip repaired brain-damaged babies, good as new. In fact, better than new: they were superior in so many ways. As the children matured, the differences between chipped children and normal children became the focus of a fearful world. If the children were allowed to survive, would they forever change the balance in society? Could the world tolerate those who were different? Or would history repeat itself?

A tragic accident takes Dawn's only child right before her eyes. The following surreal days are filled with soul-destroying grief and moments she never wants to live again--until, inexplicably, she finds herself back again, living that day. It's a second chance to save her son. But changing fate is not as simple as it first appears. Time is not Dawn's ally.

Look for the companion collections Behind Dark Doors One and Behind Dark Doors Two.

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