Superhero Explosion

Superhero Explosion

ISBN: 1581806523

ISBN 13: 9781581806526

Publication Date: November 15, 2005

Publisher: Impact

Pages: 128

Format: Paperback

Author: Neal Yamamoto

4.20 of 5

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Supercharge Your Comics!

This awesome book makes it easier than ever to create killer comics packed with amazing heroes and villains. Just follow the step-by-step demos and in no time you'll go from drawing basic heads, figures and costumes to capturing all the explosive powers, punches and places of comic-book realms.

Complete instructions and more than 60 easy-to-follow demonstrations show you how to:

Begin drawing, inking and coloring
Draw powerful facial expressions, such as surprise, alarm and anger
Create dynamic costumes and weapons for all kinds of heroes and villains
Convey compelling action, such as running and flying at super speed
Draw superpowers, including energy bolts, heat rays and laser vision
Plan and illustrate fantastic fight scenes complete with swings, punches, dodges and jumps
Bring comic worlds to life, from urban street settings to mountains and other natural surroundings
Plus, a whole chapter on script format, layouts, panels and pacing will help you take your creations all the way from idea to completed comic.

Ignite your drawing abilities with Superhero Explosion, and bring your comic book superhero fantasies to life!

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