Otherwise Engaged

Otherwise Engaged

ISBN: 1484010981

ISBN 13: 9781484010983

Publication Date: May 24, 2013

Publisher: Nicole Green

Pages: 200

Format: Paperback

Author: Nicole Green

3.32 of 38

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Playboy Rain Foster is nowhere near ready to settle down, but if there's one woman he would make that sacrifice for, it's Carolina Perez. When Carolina tells Rain she's getting married, he decides he must find a way to stop that wedding.

Overly cautious Daphne Moore has had a thing for Rain Foster since she first saw him at college freshman orientation. However, she's learned to be careful with her heart when it comes to guys--especially guys like Rain. Besides, Rain has always had his eye--and more--on their other friend, Carolina. When Rain asks to be Daphne's date to Carolina's wedding, Daphne knows saying yes will lead to big trouble. Still, she's never been good at saying no to Rain.

After Daphne makes a huge mistake with Rain, she avoids him for the sake of her own sanity. She shouldn't have done what she did because she knows Rain is and always will be a womanizer. Rain can't get Daphne out of his system. For the first time in his life, Rain is turning into an absolute mess because of a woman. Then comes another first for Rain: he finds himself chasing a woman.

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