The Book of Promethea

The Book of Promethea

ISBN: 0803263430

ISBN 13: 9780803263437

Publication Date: February 01, 1991

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press

Pages: 211

Format: Paperback

Authors: Hélène Cixous, Betsy Wing

4.15 of 141

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In writing Le Livre de Promethea Hélène Cixous set for herself the task of bridging the immeasurable distance between love and language. She describes a love between two women in its totality, experienced as both a physical presence and a sense of infinity. The result is a stunning example of Pecriture feminine that won kudos when published in France in 1983. Its translation into English by Betsy Wing will extend the influence of a writer already famous for her novels and contributions to feminist theory. In her introduction Betsy Wing notes the contemporary emphasis on "fictions of presence." Cixous, in The Book of Promethea, works to "repair the separation between fiction and presence, trying to chronicle a very-present love without destroying it in the writing."

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