Night Game

Night Game

ISBN: 081184112X

ISBN 13: 9780811841122

Publication Date: October 21, 2004

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Pages: 352

Format: Hardcover

Author: Kirk Russell

3.78 of 55

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The tough, caring, and distinctive John Marquez is back. Booklist lauded him as "far and away the most inventive new detective hero." The San Francisco Chronicle raved "readers may find themselves wanting to buy this guy Marquez a drink just to keep him talking." And The Chicago Tribune gave high praise to the way author Kirk Russell "makes us quickly believe in Marquez and his cause." In this gripping new crime novel, former federal drug agent Marquez again pushes the boundaries of safety and politics when he takes his team of Fish and Game officers on a dangerous operation in pursuit of bear poachers. Night Game hits hard and moves fast toward a finish that ricochets through wilderness, backwoods towns, and the darker recesses of love and greed. A second novel that delivers -- and firmly establishes a great series.

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